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Diabetes and Herbalife
Diabetes and Herbalife Supplements

Herbalife and Diabetes
A personal testimonial of Rich Kulakowski, a brittle Juvenille Diabetic | Diabetes Type 1

5 weeks to a healthier Herbalife Diabetic

Herbalife Diabetes Before photo Kulakowski Herbalife Diabetes after 5 weeks photo Kulakowski
He was 28 years old taking 6 needles and over 100 units of insulin each day to treat his diabetes. His blood sugars were on a roller coaster ride with highs over 600 and lows into the teens. Diabetes had taken over his life and he was headed for dialysis, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic nueropathy, cardiovascular disease and all the other complications associated with poor diabetes control.
Richard was always tired and getting even a minor cold would turn into a major challenge. His cuts wouldn't heal and he was grumpy all the time. Feeling bad made it hard for him to be happy. He had been excercising with weights and roller blading which helped keep him in decent shape. But, still he had gained over 25 pounds of fat since high school.
When a friend introduced him to Herbalife, Richard laughed at him. "I made jokes and told him that his vitamins were a scam and that I wasn't interested. I wasn't very supportive of his new business venture until I saw him losing weight. He had lost over 20 pounds in a few weeks and looked great. He bragged about his energy at his job in the Police department and I told him that I didn't care what it was and that I'd eat rocks to feel as good as he did. He said that he heard someone say the words "Herbalife blood sugar" and getting great results in his Herbalife circle of friends. Finally, I was interested." said Rich
He got started on the Herbalife Ultimate program right away. His first day he'd felt his energy and vitality increasing dramatically. Within 5 weeks he'd lost 25 pounds of body fat, had amazing energy, gotten rid of his allergy and asthma symptoms. But, most importantly, he'd gone from those 6 insulin injections every day to only 2 per day to manage his diabetes. Rich's blood sugars leveled off at 120 and he felt incredible.
"The only down side was that I hadn't started sooner. Herbalife surely made all the difference in my quality of life. Now, I am honored to pass this gift on to others." said Richard
Today, Herbalife International is the largest nutritional supplements company in the world. With sales of nearly $4 Billion dollars globally, Herbalife and it's 29 plus years of experience is here to stay.
Herbalife is the global leader in the supplements industry. With patented cellular technologies and state of the art laboritories at UCLA, Herbalife will continue to offer it's consumers the best products available anywhere. Herbalife's products are endorsed by Nobel Prize winning doctor Louis Ignarro and by world-renowned and best selling author Dr. David Heber. Herbalife is the biggest and most well known simply because the products work better than any other. It's all in the products.
We look forward to serving you.
Yours in health,
FDA laws govern the supplements industry in the United States. As representatives of Herbalife or any nutritional supplement, we are legally bound to their rules. In short, the FDA rules state that only a drug can treat or cure a disease. We all know that sailors used to die from a disease called "skurvy". Only after adding limes to their voyage meals were they able to defeat this disease. Hence the term "Limey". So, we ask that you use your own judgement. We believe that we are what we eat and by putting the propper
nutrition into our bodies, it can do amazing things.
For more information on the FDA rules visit:

We don't claim to treat or cure disease. But, it only makes good sense that if you put the right foods into this amazing machine we call the human body, that it can do a better job at all levels of human functioning.

Herbalife and Diabetes, Herbalife Diabetic, Herbalife blood sugar

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