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Herbalife for Diabetics
Diabetes a Lifestyle Disease for most

Diabetes a lifestyle disease

Now’s the ideal time to learn about the potential impact Herbalife nutrition can have on this devastating disease. For the past 25 years we have witnessed incredible health stories from our customers and Distributors. These occur not because our nutritional supplements are specific therapies for medical conditions, but because the Herbalife “way of life” produces profound health benefits. Now, the medical community has proven the ability of weight loss and exercise to prevent the development of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.  To learn how Herbalife helped me get control of my Diabetes health CLICK HERE.

Reduce your risk of diabetes naturally

In an article published in the May 3, 2001, issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, 522 overweight, middle-aged subjects with elevated sugars were studied. Those individuals who reduced their weight, by limiting their intake of fat, increasing their intake of fiber and engaging in physical activity, had a 58 percent reduction in the development of diabetes.

Lifestyle changes prove more effective than drugs

Now, a much larger study, funded by the United States government to the tune of $174 million, has followed 3,000 diabetes-prone men and women. They have found that simple lifestyle interventions of losing five to seven percent of body weight and engaging in an average of 30 minutes of daily exercise, produces precisely the same 58 percent reduction in the risk of developing diabetes. This study was all the more remarkable because lifestyle changes were compared with drug treatment and found to be superior. (Participants in the program who took the drug only reduced their risk by 31 percent.) This confirms that what we do for ourselves can be much more powerful than what doctors can do for us.

Change your diet and protect your life

What does this mean for you? Reducing caloric intake, limiting bad fats and increasing fiber in the diet can help reduce developing a devastating disease. This means the healthy nutrition you and your loved ones consume and which you offer your customers is an effective way to reduce a disease that has become epidemic. Diabetes has gained prominence because it affects younger and younger people. The number of victims exceeds 16 million in this country and the numbers are exploding worldwide. This is an opportunity for you to emphasize the health benefits that come from nutrition and lifestyle rather than from medical care and drugs.

Supporting at-risk communities

Certain populations are at particular genetic risk for diabetes. There is a higher prevalence of diabetes among Native Americans, African Americans and the Hispanic community. An Herbalife intervention in these communities can be a powerful way to improve the quality and prolong the lives of people at risk for diabetes.

Herbalife products and diabetics

Distributors frequently ask if our products are appropriate for diabetics. The answer is an unequivocal yes. Healthy weight loss, and notably restricting carbohydrates, may be the most beneficial nutritional approach to preventing diabetes. However, there is an important caution. People who are being treated with insulin or oral medications to lower their blood sugar should be advised that as they improve their diet and lose weight, their blood sugar levels may fall. Therefore, if a customer or Distributor is on medication for diabetes, they must be supervised by their physician to ensure that they do not develop hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and their medications are adjusted appropriately.

Your opportunity to make a difference

As an Herbalife Distributor or Customer, you have the opportunity to educate everybody you know who has elevated blood sugar, suffers from diabetes or is simply overweight on how they can help themselves to better health. Whether you recommend the Herbalife Weight Loss Plans or supplement your dieting with Herbalife’s High Protein Low Carb products, weight loss with Herbalife is simple to achieve. With your continued encouragement, customers and loved ones can maintain the health benefits from losing weight using Herbalife products and reduce their likelihood of becoming diabetic, by as much as 60 percent, according to studies! What an opportunity to make the world a better place, reduce costs of medical care and save the eyesight, kidneys, limbs and even the lives of so many people who would otherwise be afflicted by this devastating disease.

Diabetes nutrition is the key. The right ingredients into our bodies can make all the difference in the world between a healthy lifestyle and a challenging, often heart breaking life.  You can make the difference for someone you care about. 

To learn how Herbalife helped me get control of my Diabetes health CLICK HERE.

Herbalife Diabetes
Herbalife Diabetic Diabetes

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