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Herbalife Holiday Dieting and Weight Loss Survival Guide
Herbalife Dieting and Holiday eating control

Herbalife Holiday Survival Guide Herbalife Holiday Survival Guide Gingerbread Cookies Herbalife Holiday Survival Guide Turkey Herbalife Holiday Survival Guide Cookies
Herbalife Diet Herbalife Holiday Herbalife Weight Loss

You're trying so hard to look your best and then.the Holidays hit.
We've got good news for you. 
It's that time of year again. The Herbalife Holidays are here and you're afraid that all of your efforts to
look and feel good are about to meet their maker...baked turkey with gravy, honey baked ham,
carmalized sweet potatoes with walnuts, stuffing, cranberries, wine...and the icing on the cake,
cake and cookies galore.  Now, your stomache is grumbling right? 

Don't punish yourself by eating like a bird this year.  Enjoy your Herbalife holiday meals.  Just because
you're watching your health more carefully doesn't mean you can't enjoy the bounty of foods
we encounter each holiday.  Just be smart about it. The Herbalife diet works even during the holidays because you get to eat the foods you love.

Here's a few things that will help you avoid the pitfalls of pigging out.
1. Only put small portions on your plate. You can always go back for more if you like.
2. Chew slowly and thoroughly. Chewing your foods well makes digestion easier. Plus
it takes your mind 20 minutes to realize that your full. That's why we get so tired after eating a
big meal. Our bodies have to work extra hard to digest all that stuff.
3. Drink a glass of water before you eat.  Hydration is important. It will also satiate your appetite.
4. Excercise - take a walk before and after your meal. It will promote digestion and you'll burn
more calories.
5. Continue to take your Herbalife diet products. Below we have a list of products and how they
can help you fight the holiday bulge.
Herbalife Snack Defense - snack defense is an anytime appetite control supplement that provides
extra protection against snacking, any time of day. This cutting edge formula helps you cut down
on snacking in between meals, as well as, controls your cravings for sweet foods. Herbalife Snack
Defense helps maintain blood sugar glucose levels so that the fat creating insulin secretions from
your (pancreas) own body don't overproduce and lead to additional weight gain. Snack Defense
won't effect your energy level as it has no stimulants. So, you can take it anytime, day or night.
Herbalife Thermobond - Nick named The Cheaters tablet actually blocks fat absorbtion. The fats in
the foods you eat would normally be absorbed in your small intestines. However, when you take
Herbalife Thermobond before your meals, you can block the absorbtion of up to 85% of the oils and
fats you ingest.  Imagine pouring oil into a glass of water. The oil would float on top of the water. Well,
the fats you ingest act similiarly in your stomache. Herbalife Thermobond actually bonds to the fats
and carries them through your system without allowing you to absorb them. Be sure to take 2-4
Thermobonds before any big or fatty meals.
Herbalife Aloe Concentrate Beverage - Having an acidic system can be very harmful to you. When
we eat heavy foods our bodies become very acidic and those acids can do a great deal of damage
to the cells in our bodies.  Scientists now believe that bone diseases like Osteoporosis can be brought
about by acids in our bodies.  When you have an acidic system your body will do whatever it can to
bring balance back, even if it means canabalizing our own bones and teeth. Calcium and other
minerals can nuetralize acids.  Herbalife Aloe Concentrate beverage is formulated to soothe and
balance our digestive system before any damage is done and to promote healing if we already have
Herbalife Total Control - helps you control your appetite and gives you that extra energy you need around
the holidays. Most take Total control with Breakfast and Lunch or in between Breakfast and Lunch and
again between Lunch and Dinner. Because this product has caffeine, we do not recomend taking it after dinner.
Herbalife Total control boosts your energy to get you burning fats like crazy.  It also has ingredients
designed to sooth your digestive tract.

Of course, continue to take all of your Herbalife products throughout the Holidays. Especially during those
big meal times. After the Holidays, you can always go back to 2 Formula 1 Shakes per day in place of your
meals for weight loss or 1 Smoothie per day in place of your meal for maintenance.  See our Herbalife
Quick Start, Herbalife Advanced, or Herbalife Ultimate weight loss Programs. 

Keep smiling and remember the Holidays are here for a short time. Enjoy them and go back to your routine
as soon as they pass.

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