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Herbalife Instructions
Herbalife product instructions for optimum results

Herbalife Instructions -
How to use the Herbalife products for Optimum Results
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Weigh and Measure yourself the day before you start

           WEIGH YOURSELF:






























































































































































You may want to pick up the following supplies:


Mix Smoothie with: Natural fruit juice (orange, apple, etc) or Soy Milk 
(Milk turns baby cows into big fat cows.   Dairy slows our metabolism down.)


Frozen:              Strawberries,  Blueberries,  Bananas (peel & freeze them),  Melons,  Cherries,  Peaches 
Sorbet: (optional)    Dryers, Hagen-Daaz or store brand.  Any  flavor will do.
You may also make your smoothies into Pies.  We've got delicious pie recipes under our Articles Column at
Another favorite way to enjoy your smoothie is mixing it with Low calorie instant coffee mix for any one of our ice Coffee smoothies

Note: In the event that you happen to get sick (i.e.: the flu, a cold, etc) DO NOT STOP PROGRAM because
that is when your body needs the nutrition the most!  Not only will you feel the dragging effect of crashing from
coming off your program and depriving your body of optimal nutrition, but you will now have to deal with the
illness with out the benefit of proper nutrition. Tell your weight loss coach if you get ill.

Use this handy sheet to keep track of what to use when. This is only a recommendation and may serve as a
starting point. Since everyone is different, it may take time to get adjusted. Please feel free to call anytime if
you have any questions or concerns. We should speak at the end of Day 1, Day 2 and Day 7 to if you
haven't gotten off to a great start.

Herbalife Formula 1 Diet777 Weight Management SmoothieFormula 1 Blend 2 heaping tablespoons (large end of Herbalife measuring spoon) with Soy milk
or fruit juice and frozen fruit in a blender. 
2 time(s) per day (as a meal replacement for weight loss.)

Herbalife Formula 2 Vitamin Diet777 Nutrition

Formula 2  1 Tablet, three times per day. (MultiVitamin)

Herbalife Cell Activator Diet777
Cell Activator   1-2 capsules, three times per day. (Cell Activator patented, helps body absorb vitamins, minerals and protein.)

 Herbalife Total Control Cravings Boost Metabolism Diet777 
Total  Control   1-2 tablets at each meal  (This product will help to keep your metabolism going to burn those calories and block cravings) 

Herbalife Snack Defense Diet777 Cut cravings sugar control

Snack Defense    1 tablet with each meal (Helps control cravings by controlling blood sugar and insulin assimilation
(Advanced or Ultimate program)   Great for diabetics and hypoglycemics.)


Herbalife Herbal Concentrate Beverage 4 Flavors Energy Booster

Herbal Concentrate    1 teaspoon in 8oz. of   hot or cold water. Drink 2-5 cups per day to speed up weight loss and get an uplifting
energy boost. Best to stop drinking around 4-5PM as it gets the
metabolism going 
(Advanced or  Ultimate program)  (Counts as water)

Herbalife Celluloss Diet777 Inch Loss Inch reducer
CellULoss  1 tablet three times per day. (Gets rid of excess fluids and reduces the (Ultimate Program) appearance of cellulite.)

Herbalife Thermobond Diet777 Cheaters Delight Fat Blocker

ThermoBond  2 tablets before your regular meals or additional (fatty) snacks or deserts.
(Ultimate Program) blocker,
helps absorb up to 50% of the fat in your meal. Take extra with fatty meals.)
Herbalife Aminogen Diet777 Protein Assimilation Lean Muscle
Aminogen     2 tablets before your regular meals. (Helps retain muscle while losing (Ultimate Program) fat, and helps
increase the elasticity of skin.  Keeps skin from sagging

Herbalife Snacks Protein Soy Diet777
Protein Bars/Snacks    Enjoy one or two daily as a snack or treat.

Herbalife Water Diet777
Water  Drink at least 64oz of water per day. Take a full 8 oz glass  each time you have your tablets and you will only need 
3 more 8oz glasses that day. Herbal Concentrate counts as water!

After your first 72 hours, You should feel great!  You should not feel hungry or crave anything.

If you have any concerns - Contact your coaches immediately.

Herbalife Logo
What makes the Herbalife difference?

It's the science behind the products. Technology and years of research enable us to deliver Targeted
Nutritional Supplements tailored to your special needs. Our products have been designed and manufactured
from only the highest quality raw ingredients and herbs.

Our Cellular Nutrition Program actually addresses the underlying problem we're experiencing by giving
the body what it needs on a daily basis, hence allowing the body to do what it does best: heal itself.

Mastering the concept behind absorption and delivery has made it possible to "Feel the Difference." This
breakthrough in nutritional science has opened new doors. For example, once your body is able to absorb key
nutrients and actually deliver them to your cells, you can then feel the difference these vital nutrients make on your
daily life.

This entire process begins in the small intestine. In your small intestine lives tiny microscopic finger-like
protrusions called villi.The villi is where our bodies absorb the nutrients from the foods and supplements we
However, over time these villi become damaged or impaired. As a result they retain little surface area
for them to work
. Herbalife is the only company with patented villi repairing products.  We start with the end
result in mind. But, we target the problems, not the symptoms.  When your body gets all the nourishment it
needs - it can do amazing things.

Factors that damage villi are stress, smoking, alcohol, airborne toxins, medications, preservatives, waxes, fats,
food additives, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides(our foods are so toxic the bugs won't even eat them or they die),
and drugs to name just a few. Over the years as your villi slowly break down and your body absorbs less and
less of the ever important nutrients you need from the food you eat. This is one reason our cells begin to break
down prematurely and we feel worse and worse as time goes on.  We Can slow down and often reverse the
effects of aging.

Why are we Feeling Worse as we age?

When our bodies cannot absorb the nutrients from our food and supplements, we find ourselves eating more and
more food because our appetites and cravings increase. We crave fats and sugars because they are easiest for
our body to absorb. We then become increasingly tired and fatigued because our bodies are not getting the proper
nutrition we need, daily. Thus, the downward spiral begins.


Due to our villi being unhealthy and damaged, our body thinks its starving because its not getting the vital nutrients
it needs to stay healthy. For people trying to lose weight, they know this better than anyone. When your body thinks
it's starving, it stores fat instead of burning fat. If you are trying to lose weight, it becomes almost impossible because
your body is in the mode of
storing fat versus burning fat. No matter what you do, it doesn't want to burn the fat off.


Even for those of us not trying to lose weight, the concepts are the same. We might find ourselves eating healthy, natural,
low-fat foods, taking vitamins and exercising regularly, yet still experiencing either no or slow changes in our physiology,
moodiness and fatigue because our bodies are not absorbing enough of the nutrition from the good foods we consume.

So, what's the solution?

By starting with our patented, Hi-technology program called Cellular Nutrition and adding in our targeted products
you have the best chance of fighting the problems your body faces nutritionally. By using our products daily your
body will begin to repair and rebuild it's villi back to the healthy state they were in when you were younger (this
process begins within 24 hours of starting the products). Your body is then able to absorb not only the vital nutrients
our Cellular Nutrition and targeted health and weight loss products provide, but also the key nutrients from the
foods you are eating.  You will feel the difference within days of being on the products.  You may experience things
like less moodiness, more mental clarity, more natural energy and stamina. This is the power of nutrition on a cellular
level. You'll soon understand why this product line is the most advanced approach to nutrition, vitality and weight
loss on the market today.



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